..shear connector

n'akron sd-1a





  1. UNE - STANDARD EN ISO 13918.2008
  2. ANSI - AWS D1.1


UNE - EN ISO 13918.2008

Device used to solidarize the steel and the concrete all in one piece .

Are metal, cylindrical acting as anchors in the concrete against the tensile stress , efforts transmitted to the concrete by adhesion or by contact pressure , depending on the type of construction .

In addition to this basic issue it must perform other functions such as:

- Rule out the possibility of brittle fracture that can occur when the separation is excessive;

- Ensure the joint between the concrete and the metal profile without considering other factors such as adhesion, friction, etc. , Whose potential loss could also lead to brittle fracture ;

- Allow the application of direct charges on the metallic element safely take-off between concrete and steel;

- Prevent the connection to be entirely in the tensioned concrete area , avoiding fisuration ;

- Ensure the transmission capacity by a possible inverted sign of the flush efforts ;

- Establish adequate correlation between the calculation and behavior of the part during tough process .

Welded technic by arc welding with ceramic ferrule or tempering gas protection.